Non-surgical treatment

                   There are a number of treatments which can help vagina to function and become sexually active, but there are no ways of treatment which can make the pregnancy to occur. That’s why patients with MKRH usually use surrogacy services. These women need a new vagina and the time of its creation depends on the severity of cases. A surgeon must be sure that a woman is ready emotionally to go through the treatment and surgery.           Recently, there have been developed the engineered vaginas, made with the help of the patient’s cells that create the complete functioning vaginas with the menstruations and even orgasm in some patients. The most traditional non-surgical way of treatment is the usage of dilators. This kind of treatment is often used to lengthen or create a new vagina. Patients sit on a small dilator, which is placed against the little vagina for 20 min per day to expand and lengthen it. The period of treatment can take up to several months to get the required length of the vagina (it is recommended to have 2.5 cm for the start). These dilators help the vagina to function and allow sexual intercourse.

        Also, there are some surgical ways of treatment which create the artificial vagina, but even after surgery the dilators are needed to avoid vaginal stenosis. The most known method of treatment is called Franck’s dilator method. In this approach a doctor and the woman herself applies a dilator to stretch and widen the vagina. The procedure can take from 6 weeks up to a couple of months. This technique is self-administrated and requires a great motivation from the patient. Women with no vagina may give a weak compliance because they may feel great pain, discomfort and can give up dilators at any time.


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